Cost of Attendance Adjustment

Your financial aid eligibility is based on a standard cost of attendance, or student budget.

We Understand Expenses Change

We may be able to increase your budget—and your financial aid eligibility—if you incur expenses during the academic year that are higher than your standard financial aid budget. This is called a Cost of Attendance (COA) Adjustment. Please note that there is no COA Adjustment process for the summer term.

Expenses often considered for COA Adjustment include:

  • The cost of your rent and utilities or the cost of your university residence hall.
  • The cost of purchasing a computer; you can only request this once every three years.
  • The cost of uninsured medical, dental, or optical expenses.
  • The cost of transportation.
  • The cost of childcare expenses.
  • The cost of special books and supplies.
  • The cost of relocating expenses (entering student living off-campus only).

 The Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Form for the 2022-23 year will be available to students beginning in early August. 

Note: There are maximum amounts allowed for each expense. Establishing maximums ensures students understand that the Cost of Attendance is finite and prevents over borrowing. Maximums can be found below:

Budget Item 2022-23 Maximum Budget
Off-Campus Rent/Mortgage

$1,761/mo for Undergraduate Students

$2,457/mo for Graduate students and students with dependents

On-Campus Apartment/Residence Hall Fee Actual costs according to the contract/lease agreement.
Transportation Maximum add-on is budget item plus $1,500 for Undergraduate students or $3,240 for Graduate students.
Computer Purchase $3,000
Necessary Medical/Dental Expenses $5,000 per Academic Year
Childcare Expenses Up to $2,267 a month
Special books and Supplies above what is allowed in the standard budget Actual Cost
Relocating Expenses (first year students, off-campus only) Up to $3,000
Research, fieldwork, or thesis expenses Up to $5,000

The Process

The Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Form includes information about which expenses can be claimed and the proper documentation required. Please ensure that you have properly documented your expenses, as any expenses that are not properly documented will not be considered. You can fill out the COAAR form in our Berkeley Financial Aid Forms portal. The deadline to request a cost of attendance adjustment for the 2022-23 year is April 8th, 2023.


Please Note: Any changes to your financial aid awards will be contingent on the type of funds available, eligibility policies, and regulations. Adjustments typically result in increases to loan or work-study eligibility.